In 2021,GC is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary

In 2021,GC is going to celebrate its 100th anniversary. The slogan “Smile for the World” was launched in February 2017, to help the company convey the concept of GC’s contribution to health and smiles of the people in the world.

To realize the company’s vision of 2021, when the 100th anniversary is going to take place, GC has added another message to the logo: “Since 1921 Towards Century of Health” and started a countdown to mark the last 1,000 days to February 11, 2021. Over the last century, GC has been devoted to the development and provision of dental equipment, contributing to the health of all people. Moving toward the 100th anniversary, the company will strive to further accelerate that effort. Visit GC’s website to follow the status of countdown.

The logo, marking this momentous occasion, will be used extensively until the 100th anniversary.

The 21st century is the century of health and GC aims to become the best comprehensive dental care manufacturer in the world. The company hopes that, through providing outstanding dental care equipment, it will continue to encourage people all over the world to live well.

GC intends to fortify the efforts towards improving the health and smiles of the people in the world. The company will appreciate it greatly if everyone continues to provide guidance and supports towards the realization of its aim.