G-ænial Bond

One-component self-etching light-cured adhesive


With the selective etching approach, G-ænial Bond offers the best of both worlds: the simplicity and reduced post-operative sensitivity of a self-etch adhesive, together with the greater bond strength to enamel that was traditionally found only with etch & rinse adhesives.

G-ænial Bond can be used in the self-etch or in the selective etch technique for:

  • Bonding of light cured composites and compomers to tooth structure
  • Bonding of dual-cure luting and core build up composites to tooth structure, as long as these materials are light cured

With G-ænial Bond you get the highest and safest adhesion to both enamel and dentin, regardless of the etching technique you choose:

  • Excellent performance on dentin and enamel in self-etch mode
  • Possibility to etch enamel without jeopardising the bond strength on dentin
  • High adhesion values and very good marginal integrity thanks to the combination of chemical adhesion and micro-mechanical retention
  • HEMA- free formulation preventing the degradation of the bonding layer in time for long-lasting adhesion
  • No post-operative sensitivity, regardless of the technique or composite used
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