Aadva IOS 100 P

GC’s portable intra-oral scanning system



The Aadva IOS 100 P from GC has one of the lightest (120g) and smallest (20cm) handpieces amongst the currently available intraoral scanners. This facilitates easy and ergonomic handling during intraoral scanning, especially in children. It offers a modular solution with the unique Orthodontic and Extraoral workflows.

The scan software facilitates a smooth intraoral scanning with features such as position colour tracking, easy pick-up and showing a small live-scanning window in the monitor while scanning. A start-stop button placed on the handpiece offers a better control over the scanning procedure.

GC’s Aadva IOS 100 P offers customised Orthodontic and Extraoral workflows. They were developed seeking to provide dentists with a smooth and intuitive scanning experience.

The Aadva IOS software provides a clean and accurate scan. Its Artificial Intelligence scanning feature allows the filtering of soft tissues during the scan, avoiding unwanted scans from lips, cheeks and tongue. In order to provide greater visibility, the re-scan feature allows dentists to scan again over areas where there is blood or preparations present.

Aside from these features, each workflow counts with unique characteristics to facilitate scanning, treatment planning and communication with the laboratory.

Orthodontic Worklfow:

The Aadva IOS Orthodontic workflow comprises a specifically developed in vivo workflow, an extraoral model workflow and an extraoral impression workflow. In situations where there is limited access to posterior teeth, the unique impression scan workflow enables practitioners to combine an extraoral scan of a conventional impression with the patient’s in vivo bite scan.

Some additional features offered by the Orthodontic workflow are:

  • Possibility to capture both Central Relation (CR) and Centric Occlusion (CO)
  • Integrated 3D model builder that generates orthodontic American-cut models, which are hollow for optimal 3D printing.
  • Creation of PDF documents with all the necessary patient details, including images of different bites to facilitate initial treatment planning and management of patient records.




























Extraoral Workflow:

The Extraoral workflow is composed of a Model workflow and an Impression workflow for the storage and management of cases done with conventional impressions. The model workflow allows practitioners to digitalise their gypsum model archives. The impression scan workflow automatically inverts the scans of conventional alginate or silicone impressions. Like the other workflows, a PDF file is created to be shared with the lab.

  • Scanning is facilitated by the anti-fogging function in the cradle and the powder-free and spray-free technology
  • IOS 100 P has a small and light handpiece


  • Easy file transfer through a simple USB stick, the local network or GC’s file transfer platform Aadva Share


 Open STL and/or PLY files

  • Modular workflows for customised case management
  • AI technology detects the soft and moving tissues to guarantee a smooth scanning

artificial intellegence

  • Automatic Bite alignment

Automatic bite alignment



  • Automated import of files to Exocad
  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Integrated third party communication possibilities (VDDS)

Discover GC’s server-based customer application software called GC Aadva Share.

Aadva Share allows the user to:

  • Connect and digitally send cases to your preferred dental lab(s)
  • Easily check the status of each case
  • Connect with our GC Scanner Support Team for support