Vision 2031

On February 11, 2021, GC Corporation marked its 100th anniversary of foundation and announced the “Vision 2031” to all the group companies. GC Group started the 100th anniversary year on the same day.

Vision 2031:
“To become the leading dental company committed to realizing a healthy and long-living society”

Towards all its Associates across the group companies, President Kiyotaka Nakao described GC’s resolutions behind the term “leading dental company” as follows:

“While achieving a sustainable growth, GC strives to bring values in dental care to realize a healthy long-living society. Instead of just seeking No. 1 in sales volume, our goal is to become an ‘incomparable’ company for all the stakeholders of GC”.

Priority tasks to materialize the new Vision will be incorporated into GC’s “Mid-term Management Plan”. GC Group will be firmly aligned and strive to “contribute to global society through the improvement of oral health”, as one of our Management Principles describes.

As our 100th anniversary slogan and symbol imply, we are committed to continuing the efforts through the unity of Associates group-wide, improving the quality of dental care and contributing to health and smile of the people around the world. Your continued support would be highly appreciated.