Carbon-free phosphate bonded investment for pressable ceramics


Investment material specifically adapted to multiple press ceramic techniques offered within the Initial PC pressable system and the Initial IQ - Press system.

  • All ceramic press techniques with Initial PC: crowns, inlays and facings
  • Press ceramic Initial IQ - Press system

Easy to use in combination with the GC Ring Base System. These silicone rings allow a natural expansion of the investment and are reusable and easy to clean.

  • Fine-grained phosphate bonded investment produces smooth and detailed pressings
  • Creamy consistency ensures easy and accurate investing
  • High thermal stability makes it suitable for the quick heating as well as for the conventional heat-up technique
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SKU Name
800242 GC MultiPressVest, Intro pack (powder 6 x 100 g bags, 135 ml liquid)
800243 GC MultiPressVest, 6 kg powder (60 x 100 g bags)
800244 GC MultiPressVest, 900 ml liquid