Aadva Lab Scanner 2

Unique intuitive scanflow


The Aadva Lab Scanner 2 is a fully automated lab scanner that uses sophisticated sensor technology based on stripe-light triangulation blue-light LED. The sensor is comprised of a high-precision 5MP camera that ensures very high accuracy of 4 µm (ISO12836) and an extremely fast scan time of 22 sec for a full arch scan*. The scanner also enables you to decide if you wish to prepare a monochrome or a colour texture scan (to capture drawings, annotations and much more) and save considerable time with the fully automated Z-axis.

In addition to the user-friendliness, the performance of the user software is particularly remarkable. With Aadva Lab Scan, the user gets speed, precision and a wide range of application possibilities.

The ALS2 also comes with various accessories that will further improve your productivity.

* Scan times are measured with lower resolution and deactivated colour scanning


The Aadva Lab Scanner 2 is delivered with all the accessories for your daily needs.

Included in the delivery:

  • Aadva Lab Scanner 2
  • Power Cord & USB 3.0 Cable
  • Software Installation package
  • 3D calibration model
  • 12 slot multiDie Adapter
  • Impression and Triple Tray adapter
  • Model holder
  • Universal holder, with adhesive pads
  • Twin tray holder

Optional Accessories:

  • Handmade Dust cover
  • Adaptor plate Adesso split to Gamma
  • Adaptor plate Adesso split to SAM
  • Adaptor plate Adesso split to Protar
  • Adaptor plate Adesso split to Whip mix
  • Occlusion clip for upper and lower jaw


The Aadva Lab Scanner 2 offers very high accuracy (4 µ accuracy ISO 12836).

It uses structured light to digitalize dental models and impressions.

The scanner can be used to digitalize models for a wide range of applications such as crowns & bridges, implant bars and bridges, partial frameworks or even full dentures.

What to expect when you turn on your Aadva Lab Scanner

How to calibrate your ALS 2

How to scan a model with dies

How to scan a telescopic crown

How to scan partial framework

How to scan with Triple Tray impression holder (double tray)

How to scan with Triple Tray impression holder (single tray)

How to scan with Twin Tray

How to scan with Universal Mode

  • Open design and open files
    ALS2 has also placed a special emphasis on ergonomics and ease of use. The open design offers direct access and working space in the scanner. The housing is smartly designed to obstruct any possible interference from ambient light while scanning.
    ALS2 offers open files (.PLY, .STL) that can easily be used in any open design software. ALS2 also fully integration with EXOCAD.
  • Full colour scanning
    ALS2 is equipped with a 5MP high resolution camera that captures colours to further enhance your user experience and improve your efficiency.
  • Wide field of view
    The ALS2 offers a wide range of measurement field ( X × Y × Z ) 85,2 mm x 58,1 mm x 82 mm.
    It automatically guides the object to be scanned into the measuring field.
  • Fully automated Z-axis
    The innovative Z-axis automatically moves the scan object to the correct height, so that the user only has to intervene in the scanning process in exceptional cases. The status display at the bottom of the Z-axis also indicates whether the device is ready for operation or whether a prompt needs to be confirmed.
  • Touch-screen
    ALS2 comes with an easy-to-use touch screen to allow the user to operate the most important things directly from the scanner.
  • Accommodates major articulators brands
    The large system plate of the scanner easily accommodates the major articulators. Condyle-related scanning of articulated jaw models with articulators from Amann Girrbach Artex®, Baumann® Artist/arTO®, GAMMA® Reference, SAM® Axiosplit, WhipMix Denar® and KaVo Protar®. Articulators from other manufacturers are scanned with average values.
  • Slip-free plate
    The slip-free rubber mat on the system plate provides for stable standing.
  • Automatic cutting plane
    The automatic cutting plane trims scans in an innovative process. The user can readjust the plane, but does not need to create a manual cutting line. Irrelevant data is automatically removed and the matching process is accelerated many times over.
  • Twin Tray fast mode
    Twin Tray models normally require three to four measurements. Now these partial models can be scanned more quickly. A single jaw scan and a vestibular scan are sufficient.
    The scanning time is thus significantly shorter while maintaining the same accuracy.
  • Triple Tray® impression scan
    The ALS2 software can acquire Triple Tray® impressions in occlusion to each other. The bite registration is recorded directly by the scanner. A transformation process ensures occlusion with Triple Tray® impressions.
  • Open Workflow
    The workflow in the software is now variable. The software suggests a sequence of scantabs for the data to be captured, but the user can freely change this sequence and adapt it to his individual workflow.
  • Wide range of accessories
    ALS2 comes with wide range of accessories that help improve your workflow and productivity.

AADVA Xchange

Discover GC’s server-based customer application software called GC Aadva Xchange.

Aadva Xchange is an all-in-one approach for the management of digital dentistry workflow.

Aadva Xchange platform allows the user to:

  • Manage and store all the clinical cases
  • Connect and digitally send cases to the partner labs
  • Easily check the status of each case
  • Connect with the GC Digital Services Team for support


Recommended computer specifications

Minimum recommended computer specifications for ALS 2:

  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • i7 with 6× 4.7 GHz
  • 32 GB RAM
  • USB 3.0 Port
  • 250 GB SSD Graphics card with 6 GB RAM