Universal Primer


G-Multi PRIMER is a Universal Primer designed to prepare and repair any type of indirect restorations.

GC used its long-term knowledge in the field of primers to develop G-Multi PRIMER. It offers not only strong adhesion to all substrates (even precious alloys), but also stable adhesion over time.

G-Multi PRIMER uses three different chemical agents to ensure perfect adhesion in all situations. By adding silane to a universal primer rather than a bonding agent, the stability of the adhesion is assured.

  • Silane will provide adhesion to glass ceramics, Lithium Disilicate, Hybrid Ceramics and composites
  • MDP ensures adhesion to Zirconia and non-precious metal
  • MDTP will ensure adhesion to precious metal

G-Multi PRIMER is a priming agent designed to treat the adherent surface before luting & to repair of:

  • All type of restorations:
    1. Inlays, onlays, overlays
    2. Crowns & Bridges
    3. Veneers
  • All type of substrates, excluding acrylates:
    1. Metal / PFM
    2. Feldspathic ceramics
    3. Leucite-reinforced ceramics
    4. Lithium Disilicate
    5. Composite
    6. Fiber-reinforced resin
    7. Hybrid ceramics
    8. Zirconia / Alumina

One primer for all substrates, ensuring stable adhesion in time.

G-Multi PRIMER contains functional monomers to bond to every restorations:

  • Silane is added to bond to glass ceramics, hybrid ceramics and composites fillers,
  • while MDP will ensure adhesion to zirconia, alumina and non-precious metals
  • and MDTP will ensure a strong adhesion to precious metal.

The stability of the adhesion is assured because the components do not interfere with the silane coupling.

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009553 G-Multi PRIMER, 5ml liquid